smrBy Gods Grace Mr. S. Shahul Hameed (F/o, S. Mohamed Rafeek) got the opportunity to learn the Oil Brokerage Business under Erode first Oil Broker Mr. M.M. Kadhar Mythin. The urge to start his own venture came into reality in 1973 under the Name S. Shahul & Co,

While he was busy with his Oil Brokerage business, he also did send the prices of cooking oil, Ground nut Oil and oil cake through Post cards under the Name S. Shahul & Co. In 1985, he started sending it in the name of S. Shahul Hameed.

In 1987, he started a Cooking oil Shop in Pollachi and the company started suffering badly with huge Losses in 2 years time. In 1989, Mr. S. Shahul Hameed son, Mr. S. Mohamed Rafeek, who was undergoing his SSLC School education then, Stepped into his father Business discontinuing his education in the motive to help his family. The fire to succeed in life made him work harder and increase the sales of the Shop.

In 1990, he returned back to Erode closing his shop in pollachi and started involving in the oil brokerage business. Though he was helping his father in the oil brokerage business, his interest was in the Daily market Report which his father was continuing.

The reason for his interest was because of the Shop he had in Pollachi, where he had to face the Price fluctuations of the Coconut Oil. In those days, the Radio provided the Daily market rate of the Thrissur-Kochi, but still the news was not helping the Coconut oil business owners much.

With a Vision to make the Daily Market Rate reach everyone, he started sending the Rates under the name S. Shahul Hameed & Sons, Along with the cooking oil rates he also included the Kangayam Coconut oil and Coconut,Copra rates.

Only after his effort to include the Kangayam rates, people who were earlier used to the Thrissur-kochi rate, started looking closer into the prevailing rates in Kangayam. This was a Big Milestone and also created a wave in the industry.

Though there were people who were teasing him about his Business, he never looked back and started sending mails in Inland Letter from the Post card. Also he include all the rates of the leading oil companies. With constant innovation and hard work, the business started growing quickly.

In 1998, the company changed the name to Star Market Bulletin, the company started providing 100% accurate Rates in their Business News bulletin and also started including information on Manufacturing, harvesting and much more. These news received huge response from the Oil Business owners around Tamilnadu.

Soon the Star Market Bulletin Started sending information on the Market Trends and rate Predictions. Also it started a Super 5 Hints which received applause from all the viewers. From Small business owner to Big Time business owners everyone started appreciating and the result was eminent with increase in the customers.

With business flourishing, Mr. S. Mohamed Rafeek introduced the Diwali Special edition in 1999. The Diwali edition included Interviews of famous and successful business persons in it. In 2002, he launched a weekly Magazine in the name of Star mail and included information about Pulses,Food Grains,Spices,Oil & Oil Seeds, Paddy & Rice etc and made his customers happy.

In 2008, under the banner of Star Mail, he introduced the free Pongal Special edition. Till now about 7 Pongal editions and 16 Diwali Special editions where provided to the customers.

With New inventions in the pipeline, the company in 2008 started the Star Message Service a SMS Service for the customers with all the Accurate Rates and predictions. From 2012 the magazine was also send as a E-paper in e-mails and the website is launched to provide more information.

Mr. S. Mohamed Rafeek, thanks God and his customers for the News papers Journey and also the work and support of his Brilliant team.

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